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Native Plants Queensland's Ipswich branch meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month (except January). We meet at the Environmental Education Centre, Queens Park, Ipswich.  Meetings start at 6:30pm, after which we welcome a guest speaker to give a talk starting at 7.30pm. Talks have included presentations about native orchids, and about climate change and how it will affect Australian ecosystems and wildlife.

Ipswich branch excursions take place every second month on the weekend following the meeting - check the events calendar for details.  Our excursions are generally to rural properties or bush reserves such as Flinder's Peak where we can identify and learn about native flora which is endemic to the area. Our end of year Christmas party is usually held in the Kholo gardens.

On occasion, members will have a 'propagation night' where techniques for grafting and seed raising of native species are demonstrated.


Amongst our many knowledgeable members we are priviliged to count Heather Knowles and Wendy Clarke-Hackett, both dedicated horticulturalists with their own local native plant nurseries. They and all our members are more than happy to share their knowledge of Australian native plants with you.   

Ipswich Branch members wanting to learn more about our native plants can also borrow resources from our branch library which is available during branch meetings.  


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Native Plants Queensland's Ipswich branch members have played an active role in advising the Ipswich City Council and other community groups on bush regeneration projects. In addition to this, our members are involved in a number of different projects:

Rosewood Peace Park

Long time Ipswich branch member, Arnold Rieck, established the Rosewood Peace Park arboretum over twenty years ago.  A "museum of living trees", it contains a collection of unique Rosewood scrub species, including bush medicine plants. Native Plants Queensland's Ipswich branch members conduct regular working bees to maintain the park.       

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The Lloyd Bird Library

The late Lloyd Bird OAM, the 'Environmental Champion of the West', was a long time member of the Society for Growing Australian Plants (now known as Native Plants Qld). The Ipswich branch of Native Plants Queensland are the proud custodians of his library of lists of plants discovered in the Ipswich area.  Members of the branch have begun to digitise this resource in order to make it available to all. 

In the News: Tributes Flow for Lloyd Bird 

Book, Poster and Banner: ‘Garden Escapees become Environmental Weeds : the twenty worst garden escapees in the Ipswich region and some suggested native alternatives’  

Extensive research and exhaustive photographic endeavour by industry professionals and Native Plants Queensland project officers finally culminated in a full colour publication by member Bruce Tinworth, which provides alternatives to twenty of the worst garden escapees (environmental weeds of horticultural origin) in the Ipswich region.  

Rosewood plant sale 

As part of the annual Rosewood festival, Native Plants Queensland's Ipswich branch hosts a 'Plant and Enviro Day'.  Native Plants Queensland growers from all over the south-east corner come with plants to sell and there are displays from a range of local environment groups.  Ipswich branch member Heather Knowles has been instrumental in organising the event which occurs each year in early September.  

What's On

Please check the Activities Calendar for the latest details on upcoming meetings and events, including speakers and venue.

An invitation to you

If you are interested in learning more about Australian plants, in growing Australian plants suitable for your home garden or local community project, and at the same time, assisting in the Conservation, Cultivation and Education about Australian Native Plants, we welcome you to join Native Plants Queensland or attend one of our meetings as a visitor.

You will find yourself amongst friends. 

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