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SGAP Qld Region State Conference 2010 5At a Native Plants Queensland branch meeting you can expect: 

  • friendly members who are happy to share their knowledge about our native plants

  • expert guest speakers

  • excursions to see native plants in their natural habitat

  • garden visits to see native plants in cultivation

  • propagation days

  • bush regeneration projects

We have branches across the state and branch activities differ from branch to branch.  Check out our events calendar to see what your local branch is up to.  

Branch meetings are generally held once a month, varying with individual branches. There is generally a key talk by an arranged speaker with topics including discussions of particular types of plants, slides of plant excursions or trips, discussion of plant specimens brought to meetings by members, etc. In addition, some members bring plants to swap and conduct plant raffles.

Branches organize excursions, generally half or one day, to look at Australian native plants in their natural habitat or in gardens. Our walks are characteristically a careful survey of the native plant species, with members clustered around the resident experts debating the identification and growth requirements of all the interesting specimens encountered.

SGAP at Springwood 2

Branch meetings and excursions are both opportunities to meet experienced experts on Australian native plants who are always willing to share their knowledge and advice. Some Branches also organize one or more plant shows each year.

You can join NPQ by attending one of these meetings where membership forms will be available, but please note that all Branch Members must be members of NPQ Queensland Region. In addition to the membership fee for NPQ Queensland Region, Branches charge a levy to cover costs.