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  • Comesperma ericinum at Basket Swamp NP1
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Saturday 28 April 2018image.png9am to 3pm
Grovely TAFE, Woking St Keperra
Entry is free!

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The Top 10 reasons to come to our Native Plants Market:

#10 The number of Australian native plants on offer

Our growers will have many different plants available at the sale.

#9 The cost of our plants 

You can pick up quality tube stock from as little as $2.50 per plant.  Generally you can expect to pay about 40% less for all plants which will range from tubes to mature specimens. You will be sure of a bargain! 

#8 The quality of our plants 

Our growers specialise in native plants and are dedicated to providing quality products.

#7 The refreshments available

We always put on a good spread! Yum!

#6 Advice on Tap

Our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are only too happy to share with you. All questions are welcomed - all our volunteers were beginners once too. 

#5 Books for Sale  

Some of our members have written their own books that are locally recognised as authoritative guides to identifying and growing Australian Native Plants in the south-east corner of Qld. These books - Mangroves to Mountains, Growing Australian Plants in Subtropical Gardens and more - will be available for sale on the day.

#4 The variety of Australian native plants on offer 

At our plant sales you’ll find a variety of native plants that you won’t find at a commercial nursery.

#3 Become a member

Whether you like growing native plants, propagating them, learning about them, seeing them in the bush, drawing them, photographing them, studying them, protecting them, we all agree - we love Australian Native Plants!  If you love them too you’ll be in good company.

Best of all, if you join, you’ll be supporting an organisation that has contributed significantly to our understanding and appreciation of Australian native plants. Our motto is 'Cultivation, Conservation, Education'. And we’ve been doing it since 1957.  

#2 Make a friend  

It’s hard to describe the convivial atmosphere at our plant sales.  I think it’s something that comes from a group of people - many of whom have been volunteers and friends for many decades - working together to bring you an event that runs like clockwork.  We work hard but we still get plenty of time for a chat! 

#1 Our native fauna will thank you for it

By planting Australian natives in your garden you are helping re-create habitats for our native fauna.  They need a home too. The birds will thank you for it.