Ancient highly perfumed shrub - Grower #69 Robert Price & Phil Jobson

1 Mar 2021 4:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Eupomatia laurina - Bolwarra or Native Guava

For the gardener with a cool, moist and shady garden area under some taller trees and shrubs wanting to source plants to provide attractive understorey, Bolwarra (Eupomatia laurina) is hard to beat. The shrub’s multi-branched, arching habit and large glossy leaves give a lush rainforest look and it can easily be pruned to control height and maintain bushiness.

The highly perfumed flowers open in summer early in the morning and in winter, if fertilized by its pollinator, a weevil, will form into fruit containing the seeds in a sweet edible pulp, hence an alternate common name, Native Guava. Bolwarra is an ancient primitive plant found in well-developed rainforest from northern Queensland to Victoria, and at sea level to 1200m, which adapts well to cultivation in home gardens.

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