Yabba in Warwick 2018

Our President Bob Bannon has shared some of his reflections from this year's ‘Yabba on the Granite Belt’, hosted by our members from Warwick, 21 – 23 September 2018:

Our journey to the Rosenthal Heights Bushland area was interesting, with the marvellous Flindersia collina in flower. Another first for us, was the discovery of a baby brown snake. (They move pretty quick too, as a few of us discovered!) Darell was telling us he’d never seen a snake the whole time he has been on the site.

I was impressed with our guest speakers, Liz Bourne, from the Rare Wildflower Consortium on Friday, and Maria Hitchcock from Save Our Flora on Saturday evening. Liz’s group is certainly busy and their new book is well presented. Maria’s message got across to us and we purchased a Boronia keysii on the way home. One of the endangered ones she mentioned. So we’ve begun our mission of saving endangered plants, by purchasing one a year. Mind you, once they reach our place they become even more endangered!

The excursions were a highlight. While we had planned to visit a Winery for lunch on Saturday, I think the Girraween experience far outweighed what we would have encountered at a Winery. We would have had less time on site as well. Those Wattles were absolutely stunning.
Sunday, and Queen Mary Falls didn’t fail to impress. What a marvellous spot with birds everywhere and the Falls flowing, and the morning tea and lunch were great. 

I’ve left the garden visits until last. What a great diversity Warwick Branch has. Given the drought conditions and the recent frosts, the gardens were wonderful, I thought. A credit to those who tend and nurture them. Thank you to all the members of the Warwick Branch for their hospitality, organisation, and perseverance in bringing us the 2018 Yabba and those wonderful gardens.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cairns in 2020.

Bob Bannon
Native Plants Queensland.

Our biennial conference, known as our Yabba, is held in different parts of the state and is an opportunity to come together, renew friendships, learn about the flora and habitats of the host region, and talk about how we can further promote and protect native plants.

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