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Australian Brachyscomes

by Esma Salkin, Gloria Tomlinson, Beth Armstrong,

Bev Courtney and Maureen Schaumann;

published by The Australian Daisy Study Group

This substantial book covers every aspect of identification, cultivation, distribution and habitat of the genus of Australian daisies known as the Brachyscomes.

There is a special section of Brachyscomes in gardens throughout Australia trialled by the Australian Daisy Study Group members, listing their successes and failures. This information should be an extremely useful guide for potential Australian daisy gardeners. Another section provides suggestions of Brachyscome species for container growing, an excellent idea for unit-dwellers, and/or display purposes.

The bulk of the book covers a comprehensive account of every Brachyscome species known to be in cultivation. This very detailed information is accompanied by excellent line drawings by Gloria Tomlinson.

A special feature of the publication is a lift-out chart of Brachyscome fruits.

The book contains 272 pages. It has a soft cover and measures approximately 30x20x2cm. There are 110 black and white illustrations and 22 colour plates.

For those of you who envisage owning a cottage style garden of native plants, or merely desire to introduce colour into your garden, you will find invaluable information in this book about our Australian daisies.

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