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Australian Wildflower Paintings: Paintings by Dorothy Gordon

Australian Wildflower Paintings

Text by David Gordon, with Jean Harslett
Published by Boolarong Publications for the Arts Council Australia (Qld Division), Meandarra Branch.

Dorothy Gordon was a renowned watercolour artist specialising in the Australian landscape. Her deep love of nature is depicted in this collection of finely detailed Australian flowers. These exquisite wildflower paintings are in full colour, original size and beautifully reproduced.

Grevilleas, Eremophilas and Eucalyptus are just a few of the plants featured. As well as the artistry of their execution, the paintings are all botanically detailed and correct.

The accompanying text is written by Mr. David Gordon, Dorothy’s husband, who was himself a legend in the world of Australian plants, in collaboration with Jean Harslett, Dorothy’s sister.

It details the distribution, environmental I preferences and the history of the plants, as well as a glimpse into the personal life of the artist, who died tragically in a car accident some two years before the book was produced.

Dorothy Gordon’s original watercolours are housed in the Myall Park Gallery which is a part of the Myall Park Botanic Garden, a private Botanic Garden established by David Gordon at his property, “Myall Park”, 7km north-west of Glenmorgan, 400 km west of Brisbane.

Price $42.50 (plus postage $10.00).

Available from:
Myall Park Botanic Garden
PO Box 22

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