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Census of the Queensland Flora 2010

censusCensus of the Queensland Flora 2010

edited by P. D. Bostock and A. E. Holland

Queensland Herbarium

Department of Environment and Resource Management

A4 size  320 pages  soft cover

This newly updated edition of the Census of the Queensland Flora, lists the botanical names and district of origin of specimens held by the Queensland Herbarium. It contains, in alphabetical order by family, the current genus and species names of the State’s native and naturalised flowering plants, its conifers, cycads and allies, ferns and allies, mosses liverworts and hornworts, algae and lichens, as well as a list of non-native species that are no longer considered part of the Queensland flora.

The number of known native plant species has nearly doubled since F.M.Bailey completed The Queensland Flora in 1904. The current number of native species, including plants, algae and lichens stands at 12,899. Hundreds of newly discovered species have been formally recognised in the last three years, including many new species of algae and lichen..

In addition to the native species, a further 1,260 have become naturalised, with more than ten new naturalisations occurring each year. A further 339 species are currently considered to be doubtfully naturalised.

New census data are generated each year from the Queensland Herbarium database HERBRECS. A list of abbreviations, symbols and definitions, along with maps of the regions and pastoral districts, are included in the document.

Although this is a reference book, it is not too technical for a non-botanist to use to check plant names, spellings etc., and be directed to locations where more detailed information may be found.

Copies may be obtained from The Director, Queensland Herbarium, Department of Environment and Resource Management, Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha, Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong, Queensland. 4066.

Phone (07) 3896  9326; facsimile (07) 3896  9624; email:

A full version of Census of the Queensland Flora 2010 may also be downloaded from the Queensland Herbarium website.

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