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Come and Meet Us: An Australian ABC

comeandmeetusCome and Meet Us: An Australian ABC

by Elizabeth McRobert


Published by CopyRight Publishing

Soft cover, full colour, 52 pages

Reviewed by Jan Sked


This would have to be one of the most delightful books I have ever encountered. I guess it was written for children, but there would be few adults that could resist its charms.


Each letter of the alphabet is dealt with in turn – in verse and with paintings of the various Australian native plants associated with that particular letter. Botanical names are used throughout and their pronunciation is included.


An additional delight is the little character, Diuris, who introduces the book and guides the reader gently and rather impishly through the pages, telling the stories of the plants associated with each letter.


If you have children or grandchildren, treat them to a copy of this book, or treat yourself, as I have done. It is educational, attractive and carries a gentle message of care and concern for our natural environment.


I think the final verse says it all:

“As you learn and protect and take care of our world

God’s precious gifts will then be unfurled,

This book, of bush life, tells just a small bit,

But I really hope that you will treasure it.”


Price: $22.00

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