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The Flora of Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks


thefloraofgiraweenandbaldrockby Bill McDonald, Colleen Gravatt, Paul Grimshaw and John Williams

published by Qld. Herbarium, Dept. of Environment

Girraween (Qld) and Bald Rock (NSW) National Parks are adjoining areas of exposed granite rock, dissected by creeks and swampy valleys. This, combined with the cooler climate, has produced an unusual and diverse flora. 

The name Girraween, appropriately, is an aboriginal word meaning place of flowers. Exploration of the flora of the region began with Allan Cunningham as early as 1827 and continues up to the present, with new species still being added to the list of plants.

This book of 100 pages is the first comprehensive publication on the flora of Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks. 144 of the more conspicuous plants are illustrated by line drawings. This makes identification of these species very simple. 

The introductory chapters are full of information on the history, geology and vegetation patterns of the Parks. Rare and threatened flora of the Parks are also highlighted, with species set out in a table. A checklist of all the vascular plants of Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks is included in the back section of the book.

This book is a must for the serious botanist visiting either of these Parks. The not-so-serious plant observer also will be able to identify many of the plants from the excellent line drawings and 20 colour plates used for illustration.

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