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Growing Australian Plants in Subtropical Gardens

growingaustralianplantsby Jan Sked

Published by Society for Growing Australian Plants
Pine Rivers Branch  2011
192 pages - A4 size

Jan Sked is a noted local naturalist with a deep love and understanding of Australian plants. She has written a number of books on the subject and, as the long-time editor of the SGAP Queensland Region “Bulletin”, continues to share her amazing knowledge with the wider community. This book is specifically written to guide gardeners in choosing and growing suitable Australian plants in the gardens of eastern subtropical Australia, although the extensive botanical and horticultural information is really suited to most areas of Australia.

Jan’s text describes each plant simply and with flair, providing all you need to know to help select and grow the plants successfully. As an additional bonus, each plant description has a simple pronunciation guide to help readers with botanical names.

There are numerous detail sketches throughout the text and many colour photographs of the most interesting species.

A section, written by well-known landscape architect Lawrie Smith, tells you how to plan your garden within a simple check list format that leads you though the design and establishment process, from bare block to a wonderful functional garden for your family. There is also a section devoted to the process of developing a rainforest garden, which is a special interest of Jan’s.

A chapter on simple methods of propagating native plants is included, plus general cultivation techniques to ensure you provide the best growing conditions for your plants.

Perhaps the index and quick check reference chart is one of the most important and informative components, where you will be able to quickly find out all of the characteristics of well over 1,000 plant species contained in this book. This schedule will give you the size, form, flower and fruit colour, seasonal display, preferred aspect, and soil preference at a glance.

Growing Australian Plants in Subtropical Gardens admirably fulfils the aims of the Society for Growing Australian Plants. It is a worthwhile addition to any home library, but keep it handy as you will refer to it on a daily basis.

Price: $35.00 plus postage - $10 in Queensland, $13 all other states. 

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