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Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed: For Revegetation, Tree Planting and Direct Seeding



by Murray Ralph

Published by Bushland Horticulture

This book is concise, affordable, up to date and immensely practical. It has been updated twice, being reprinted with substantial revisions. (It should have been published as a third edition.)

It is about growing from seed once you have collected it. 

There is much general information on seed development, structure, viability, germination requirements and treatments. Several pages deal with ways to overcome seed dormancy and several more cover media, care, transplanting and direct seeding. 

Nearly 900 genera are listed alphabetically with specific notes, this section taking up most of the text. 

Finally there is a small glossary and an eight page bibliography.

Murray Ralph has been involved in this area for nearly twenty years. He has worked for CSIRO, Greening Australia and the National Trust, and passes on this expertise with great clarity.

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