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Native Bees of the Sydney Region: A Field Guide

nativebeesofthesydneyregionDr. Anne Dollin

Australian Native Bee Research Centre

Native bees are valuable pollinators of our Australian bushland. Fascinating reports of specialised relationships between flowers and native bees are slowly emerging, but more research is urgently needed. So little is known of the behaviour, nesting habits and distribution of many native bee species; yet land clearing and habitat loss continue daily. The observations that Society for Growing Australian Plants members make in their gardens and local bushland is of great help!

Australia’s first ever field guide to native bees, “Native Bees of the Sydney Region - A Field Guide”, describes 31 of the most easily-recognised native bees found in Sydney, 26 of which are also found in Queensland and Victoria. A suggested common name, full description and colour photographs are given for each bee, as well as details of its flower preferences and known nesting habits. All scientific names have been fully updated according to a major worldwide revision of the bees published in 2000.

This is a practical field guide designed to help wildlife enthusiasts, bushwalkers, gardeners, beekeepers and students to identify our dazzling native bees. All photographs are in full colour showing the true beauty of these native bees.

Field Observation Sheets in the back of the Guide allow readers to report their native bee observations. This information can be used to help unravel the many remaining mysteries about Australian native bees!

Other chapters in the Guide describe garden plants loved by native bees and designs for artificial nests which can be placed in the garden to support native bees. Tips on recognising and observing native bees in the bush are also given, as well as a pronunciation guide, glossary and index. The book also features a foreword by environmentalist Eric Rolls.

Have you seen Banksia Bees on your bushwalks? Does the Fire-tailed Resin Bee visit your garden, or the increasingly-scarce Peacock Carpenter Bee? It is hoped this field guide will help plant lovers explore, enjoy and protect Australia’s little-known but remarkable native bee species.

Printed copies of this book are now out of stock.
However, a full colour, updated PDF version of this popular guide is available on CD!

It includes copies of all Adobe Reader software needed to read and print out the field guide on your computer.

Price: $10.00 plus $3.00 postage and handling .

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