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Native Grasses for Australian Gardens

nativegrassesforaustraliangardensby Nola Parry and Jocelyn Jones

Published in 2007 by Reed New Holland, reprinted 2008

160 pages

Reviewed by Ray Benfer

At a time when terms such as waterwise and low maintenance are frequently used in our society, in other areas as well as in relation to plants and garden design, this publication highlights a range of grasses and grass-like species to which this theme applies. The reader’s eyes are opened to their versatility and beauty as well as other characteristics and features. The purist might feel uncomfortable  combining the various grass-like species under the book’s title. However, the authors point out at the beginning of chapter 1 that the form and function of plants becomes more significant than the botanical definition when it comes to their use in landscaping and garden design.

The photography is of high quality and reflects this special interest area of Jocelyn Jones. This has allowed the book to not be reliant on detailed textual information, therefore making it very easy to browse through its contents and develop ideas on the application of these plants in landscaping.

Chapter 4 gives an alphabetical listing of over 80 species including many cultivars. Brief cultural requirements as well as some suggested combinations of plants are provided. A final chapter providing selection guides is very useful.

This inviting and easy-to-read book would appear to successfully convey the authors’ passion for “grasses” and most readers would be encouraged to incorporate selections of these underutilized species into their garden and landscaping designs. One is likely to think of these plants as more than “just grasses” after reading this book.

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