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Common Wildflowers of Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks


by Peter and Leith Woodall

Published by Taita Publishers, Moorooka, Qld. 

Soft cover, full colour, 40 pages 

Reviewed by Jan Sked

This little book is a real gem for anyone interested in identifying some of the wildflowers seen in the Girraween/Bald Rock areas. When I made my first trips to Girraween way-back-when, a book like this would have been of immeasurable value, but there was no such publication available to me then.

Peter and Leith have done a great job in putting together the photographs of the plants seen along the major walking tracks in the two Parks or near the camping grounds. Over 130 species have been covered - four photographs to each page, which means they are large enough to show some detail for identification.

The photographs are arranged in groups, starting with “Wattles”, then progressing to “Daisies”, “Pea family”, “Orchids”, “Heaths”, “Myrtles”, “Protea family” (I think a better title for this group could have been used, but I guess the authors are aiming their book at the general public, not SGAP members), “Lilies and allies”, “More Whites”, “More Yellows”, “More Pinks and Blues”, “Ferns”, “Swamp and Aquatic Plants”, ‘Rare and Threatened”, “Insectivores”, “Parasites”, “Weeds and Aliens” (I was very pleased to see this section included), “Grasses, sedges and allies”.

Each group of photographs has a few introductory lines and each individual photograph has a caption giving the common name, botanical name, height of plant, leaf size, flowering season and short additional notes.

The book begins with a brief Introduction, then it is straight into the photographic section with the plants in the groups as detailed above, and this takes up the major part of the book. The final section contains “Further Reading”, “Other Contacts” and the Index.

There are over 700 species recorded for Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks and, although this little book covers only a small selection of the total list, the species illustrated are those that the lay person would be most likely to notice and seek to know the identity.

For those who have the Queensland Herbarium publication – “The Flora of Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks” - Peter's and Leith's book is a welcome companion to it.

Price: $5.00  + postage $2.00

Available from:

Taita Publishers

PO Box 436 

Moorooka. Qld. 4105. 


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