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Everlasting Daisies of Australia: Identification, Propagation, Cultivation

everlastingdaisiesofaustraliaby the Australian Daisy Study Group

245 x 176 mm, 196 pages, paperback, colour photographs

ISBN 0 9587439 6 7

Everlasting Daisies of Australia aims to encourage the appreciation of these Australian daisies and to develop techniques for germinating and growing them.

It is the result of five year’s work by the Australian Daisy Study Group. There are chapters on growing everlasting daisies, propagation, floral arrangements, floriculture, reproduction and hybridization. Detailed species’ descriptions are written in easy-to-understand language and illustrated with beautiful colour photographs. For each individual species there are sections on flowering period, propagation, cultivation and uses, distribution and habitat, and similar species. Where appropriate there are brief notes on hybridization, name changes and relationships with other species.

Everlasting Daisies of Australia is a comprehensive guide that will assist home gardeners, commercial growers, students of horticulture, amateur naturalists and visitors to wildflower areas throughout the continent.

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