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  • Comesperma ericinum at Basket Swamp NP1
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The Story of Arthur SwabyThe Society for Growing Australian Plants (SGAP) was formed in 1957 for the purpose of studying and developing the horticultural potential of Australian native plants and preserving them through cultivation. With over 8,000 members throughout Australia, it is one of the largest horticultural societies in the country. Over the years, SGAP has made a significant contribution to the knowledge of the Australian flora, its cultivation and introduction into nurseries and home gardens.

The Society operates as autonomous regions based in each of the 6 Australian States and the Australian Capital Territory. There are autonomous regional headquarters in the capital cities of each state, as well as numerous branches throughout the country.

SGAP Queensland Region has about 700 members, some of whom have also joined one of the local branches throughout Queensland and hold regular meetings in their own areas. Members of SGAP Qld have also formed numerous Study Groups.

In 2015 SGAP Queensland adopted the trading name of Native Plants Queensland.

An invitation to you

If you are interested in learning more about Australian plants, in growing Australian plants suitable for your home garden or local community project, and at the same time, assisting in the Conservation, Cultivation and Education about Australian Native Plants, we welcome you to join Native Plants Queensland or attend one of our meetings as a visitor.

You will find yourself amongst friends. 

Become a member today!