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We, the members of the Brisbane Southside branch, offer the opportunity for you to get to know and appreciate Australian native plants. Learn how to identify them, learn their cultivation requirements, learn various propagation techniques and local conservation issues, all in a friendly, helpful, supportive environment. Our membership covers a broad spectrum, from young to older, beginners to experts, from members who ‘just want a nice garden’ to native plant horticulturists. Many members are also actively involved in other organisations (e.g., Land for Wildlife, Landcare, Queensland Naturalists’ Club, etc.), increasing the wealth of knowledge in our branch.

Members of any age and level of expertise are most welcome! Come along as a visitor, and see if this is what you are looking for!

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held at 7.30 p.m. at the Holland Park Library Meeting Room, 81 Seville Rd, Holland Park on the 2 nd Tuesday of each month except December and January. Come join us, if you are interested in native plants and want to learn more. Our local members are keen to pass on their knowledge in a friendly, relaxed and welcoming setting. We can advise you on the best native plants, their growing requirements and garden design for a range of situations; e.g., a balcony, a small suburban garden to large acreage.

Visitors are always welcome. The usual meeting format is:

  •  A short business meeting to discuss matters pertinent to the Branch and Native Plants Queensland including reports relevant to native plants and their cultivation or conservation.
  • A ‘show and tell’ with an informative discussion, where people can bring along specimens from their gardens (i.e., flowers, interesting foliage or propagation material).
  • A discussion session led by a guest speaker and/or local members. These sessions are varied and have included topics about a particular plant group and their cultivars (e.g., Banksias), soil/water requirements for different situations (e.g., containers), a particular propagation technique (e.g., taking cuttings), on conservation issues (e.g., rare and endangered local plants) or topics related to gardening (e.g., native bees, honeyeaters, etc.).

Please check the NPQ Calendar, or email ( the Brisbane Southside branch, for details on upcoming meetings and activities.

Monthly Activities

In addition to our monthly meetings, we currently have other “hands on” activities which are usually held in the last week (Saturday or Sunday) of each month (February to November). These activities have included:

  • Propagation sessions – growing native plants for members, plant sales and for the local community. You will gain knowledge about various techniques in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Visits to native plant nurseries including commercial and community nurseries (e.g., Indigiscapes Nursery, Coolum Community Native Nursery, etc.). A day full of fun and an opportunity to add to your collection of native plants under the guidance of experienced members.
  • Visits to local reserves and national parks (e.g., Karawatha Forest, Brisbane Valley Rail Trail native plant revegetation, etc.). Experience Aussie plants in their native habitat and learn about conservation issues in your local area.
  • Visits to members’ gardens. Members share their knowledge gained from growing native plants in their own gardens. You will learn how to identify various native plants and their growing conditions with the help of experienced and friendly members.

Please check the NPQ Calendar, or email ( the Brisbane Southside branch, for details on upcoming meetings and activities.


On 15th December, 1971, Merv Hodge convened a meeting of interested members on the south side of Brisbane. Merv was elected Chairman and D. O'Connor as Secretary and Treasurer. Since these early beginnings the Brisbane Southside branch has grown and has nurtured the interests in native plant for many of its members. The three underlying concepts (Cultivation, Conservation and Education) that Native Plant Queensland encompasses, have been well served by the Brisbane Southside branch over the decades since formation. Since its inception the branch has been engaged in various activities for its members and the local community. For example:

  • Flower displays
    • Display at Garden City for Commonwealth Games 1982
    • All the presentation bouquets for Qld. Symphony Orchestra for many years (the 80’s and 90’s)
    • Displays for the State Library
  • Plantings of native plants
    • Plantings on Murray’s Rd at Tanah Merah
    • Plantings at the entrance to various local reserves
    • Plantings at local parks and gardens
  • Field trips
    • A trip out west (Cunnamulla, St George, Eulo, Thargomindah, Eromanga, Quilpie, Windorah, Chinchilla) to study Western QLD wildflowers
    • Blackdown Tableland NP native plant study
    • Barakula and Gurulmundi State Forest native plant study
  • Annual NPQ native flower show & plants market
    • Displays promoting native plants and the Brisbane Southside branch
    • Selling cut flowers and floral arrangements to promote native plants
    • Selling native plants propagated by members
  • Presentations on cultivation, propagation and conservation of native
    • Various garden societies and community groups
    • Native plant nurseries
    • Field trips
Brisbane Southside is still going strong over 50 years later.

We welcome visitors to our branch meetings—you'll find we're a friendly group!

An invitation to you

Are you are interested in learning more about Australian plants, and how to grow native plants suitable for your home garden or local community project? Would you like to support the conservation of our native plants and their habitats?

You are welcome to attend a meeting as a visitor and learn about Native Plants Queensland membership.

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