Community Nurseries

Central Queensland

Because most nurseries are staffed by volunteers, contact details change occasionally. If you have any problems contacting any of these nurseries, check these details on their websites. Also, the plant prices, while correct at the time of compiling this information, can change.

NPQ Pine Rivers Planting

SLCMA Community Native Plant Nursery

(Sarina Landcare Catchment  Management Association)

Address and contact details:

Cemetery Road, Sarina 4737 (Behind the Sarina Landcare office, 101 Sarina Beach Road, Sarina)

Coordinator:  Saskia von Fahland p: (07) 4956 1388,

e: Office: 

e: Nursery Officer:  


Opening hours:

The SLCMA Nursery is open to the public by appointment only (phone 4596 1388) or you can pre-order through the Plant Order Form (on website) and arrange pick up.

Plant information and services:

Species: Mostly local species provided, including ground covers, grasses, understorey and overstorey plants. Will soon be supplying a selection of native aquatic plants.

Pricing: tubestock $3.30. Tree kits available for $3.30 (includes plant, tree guard, stakes, and moisture retention mat).

Other: We also hold native plant sales throughout the year, which are advertised to our members, in the monthly newsletter and on our facebook page.